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Sunday Meeting Time

Archived Services/Notes

"We Preach Christ Crucified"

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Sunday AM: 10:00 AM EST
Sunday PM: 7:00 PM EST
Wednesday Fellowship: 7:00 PM EST

Sunday Service 3/27/2022
Sunday AM: Salvation Is Of The Lord 
Sunday PM: The Way, The Error And Doctrine Of Balaam

Sunday Services 3/20/2022
Sunday AM: Pressed Down, Shaken Together, Running Over
Sunday PM: Give A Portion To The Seven, Also To Eight

Sunday Services 3/13/2022
Sunday AM: Lest He Walk Naked And They See His Shame 
Sunday PM: A Spiritually Naked Nation, A Spiritually Naked Church

Sunday Services -3/6/2022
Sunday AM: The People Sat Down To Eat, And Rose Up To Play 
Sunday PM: Special Prophecy Update - Gog, The Chief Prince

Sunday Services - 2/27/2022 
Sunday AM: Ere The Lamp Of God Go Out In The Temple Of The Lord
Sunday PM: 
The Generation At The Last

Sunday Services - 2/20/2022
Sunday AM:
 The Cross And The Glory From The Mount 
Sunday PM: 
Heaven's Light, Sin's Night, Redemption's Might

Sunday Services - 2/13/2022
Sunday AM:
The First Man and Last Adam
Sunday PM: 
Remember Lot's Wife 

Sunday Services - 2/6/2022
Sunday AM: The Book Of The Generations of Adam, The Generation Of Jesus Christ
Sunday PM: 
Holy Ghost Service: "This Is That"

Sunday Services - 1/28/2022
Sunday AM: The Kingdom of God Cometh Not By Observation, But Is Within You
Sunday PM: The Coming Kingdom "Thy Kingdom Come"

Sunday Services - 1/23/2022
Sunday AM: The Way Of Cain, The Way Of Abel

Sunday PM: Abel, Though Being Dead, Yet Speaks

Sunday Services - 1/16/2022 
Sunday AM: Right To Life Sunday: Covetousness In The Land Of Slaughter
Sunday PM: N/A

Sunday Services - 1/9/2022 
Sunday AM: "That I May Thrust Out Your Right Eye" 
Sunday PM: Nahash, The Bright Shining Serpent, That Old Serpent The Devil

Sunday Services - 1/2/2022
Sunday AM: For The Time Has Come 
Sunday PM: The Great Falling Away From Sound Doctrine

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