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Faith Nugget - Excerpt From Our Upcoming Book: "A Departing From The Faith"

We all are either of our father God or we are of our father the DEVIL!  It has nothing to do with one being the offspring of Cain or the offspring of Abel.  Sin didn’t start with Abel and Cain, it started with Adam and Eve! Abel was just as much a sinner as Cain but because he recognized that he brought a LAMB to God as of the offering of his sin. Cain brought the fruit of his hands – i.e. his own righteousness, which was REJECTED by God!

When sin entered into this world through the first man, ALL men became SINNERS and are born with the same SINFUL nature as Adam took on when he disobeyed God!

What nature is that? Simply put, the nature of Satan, the father of lies and disobedience! Lucifer (Satan) was created perfect just as Adam was but both REBELLED against God and humanity has paid a high price for it ever since. Billions possibly trillions of soul are burning in hell at this moment because of SIN, unbelief and rebellion.

No one there can blame Adam; we must blame OURSELVES for believing LIES and not embracing the TRUTH of the GOSPEL whereby all men are truly saved and born again!

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