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Faith Nugget - God's Promise To Israel Regarding The Land

1.    The Shame of God’s People is Temporary The Shame of God’s Enemies is Permanent and Perpetual

2.  Law of Retribution demanded by God’s Judicial Visitations and His Righteousness

3.  That which was Meted Out to Israel for their Sin will be Meted Out to Edom and other Opposing Nations

4.  God takes an Oath in these Passages, The Heathen Who Harm Israel His People Will Be Punished

5.   Verses 8-12 – Shows God’s Disposition and Promise

To Edom – I Am Against You

To Israel – I Am For You

6.  Edom said in their Evil Hearts – We will Possess This Land, BOTH Edom and Israel The Lord Says – “MY PEOPLE ISRAEL SHALL POSSESS YOU” (i.e., the land)!

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