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Revelation Study Notes- The Prophecy Of Ezekiel Relating To The Land

1.Ezekiel 35 Prophecy Against A Mountain; Ezekiel 36 Prophecy TO A Mountain

2.Mount Seir and Mountains of Israel are the homelands of twin brother Esau And Jacob, Ancestors of Jews and Arabs

3.35 Contains Warnings, 36 Contains Blessings but both chapters end with same words: “They They Shall KNOW that I Am The Lord”

4.The land now occupied by Israel was a barren wasteland during the 18th and 19th Centuries

5.Isaiah 6:12-13- Jews were among the sparse population as prophesied 2500 years ago


The Mountains of Israel

1.The Mountains of Israel is the heart of the LAND promised by God to the children of Israel- Judea and Samaria, the inheritance of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Joseph

2.Bethel, AI, Shilo, Shechem – Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joshua are here; Joshua and the bones of Joseph (Joshuah 24:30, 32) are buried in this area

3.BETHANY, home of Mary, Martha Lazaurs; Bethlehem, the home of David and birthplace of Jesus; HEBRON - The burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Rebekah, Leah, Jacob

4.Jerusalem – The Temple stood, Where David and Solomon ruled and where Jesus died and rose again

5.The WEST BANK of Israel and the mountains of Israel are nearly identical

6.The West Bank and the mountains of Israel are nearly identical 


The Promise of Land

1.Abram was in the mountains of Israel when the Lord promised him the LAND

2.Genesis 13:17 – UNCONDITIONAL

3.Genesis 15:18 – Royal Land Grant

4.Abraham had seven sons in addition to Isaac – Genesis 16:15, 25:1-2 but the COVENANT was ESTABLISHED WITH ISAAC!

5.Abraham asked the Lord to give the promise to Ishmael – Genesis 17:18 yet the Lord responded in Genesis 17:19

6.The Promise passed from Isaac to Jacob and then to Jacob’s Descendants – Genesis 28:3-4

7.God confirmed this promise to Jacob in Genesis 28:13

8.From The Euphrates To The River of Egypt – Joshua 1:4, Genesis 15:18

9.God changed Jacob’s Name to Israel and his descendants were called B’nei Israel, sons of children of Israel or simple ISRAEL. (NOT MOSSAD PRODUCED)

10.       Jacob had 12 sons who established the 12 tribes of Israel as the Lord brought them out of the Promised Land and they became a NATION

11.       Each TRIBE (ISRAELI) was given a PORTION of the PROMISED LAND – Joshua 14-19

12.       Judah and His descendants were given the area called Judea – Gaza, Hebron and Jerusalem – Joshua 15

13.       The English Word “Jewish” Comes from JUDAH- ALL the descendants of Jacob are Jewish i.e. Cohen, Levin are from the tribe of LEVI

14.       Children of Israel and Jewish People are synonymous

15.       The Bible refers to the children of Israel as Jewish in Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther and Jeremiah, Daniel and in 13 books of the New Testament


THIS COVENANT that promised the Land to Abraham’s descendants is Unconditional. It is a promise between the LORD and HIMSELF.


Where did God Confirm this covenant? In Genesis 15:8-17

1.    Cut Animals in two and walked between the pieces

2.    Both parties bound by the agreement

3.    Abraham asked how he could KNOW that he’d inherit the land – 15:8

4.    God answered in Genesis 15:9

5.    Abraham cut them in two and laid the halves opposite each other

6.    But Abraham DID NOT WALK in between the two pieces – ONLY THE LORD DID!!

7.    (Picture and foreshadowing of CALVARY)

8.    Genesis 15:17- Only God was bound by this covenant – Guaranteed by the Lord – nothing was required of Abraham but FAITH

9.    When Israel sinned God did not change his mind – he scattered them among the nations (Ezekiel 36:19)

10.                But HE NEVER revoked the land covenant – Leviticus 26:44-45

11.                After their punishment He will: Ezekiel 36:24, Romans 11:29

12.                His love and promises to the Jewish people are tied to the sun, moon and stars in heaven! Jeremiah 31:35-37, Ezekiel 11:17




Ezekiel 36:8, 10-12, 22-24

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