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The Spirit and the Word Study Hour- Babylon Nuggetts - Literal Vs. Mystery Babylon

The New Jerusalem

The Ancient Babylon

1.       The bride as the city

2.      A Heavenly city, a city of peace

3.      A holy city – Rev. 19:7-8

4.      A city with foundations built by God.

5.      Heaving twelve foundations

6.      Prepared as bride for her husband.

7.      No tears, death, sorrow, or pain

8.      Tabernacle of God by the spirit – Eph 2:20-22

9.      The mountain of God, out of heaven

10.  Has the light and glory of God?

11.   The Twelve tribes of spiritual Israel

12.   The twelve messengers at the twelve gates

13.  The twelve gates of pearl

14.   The 144 Cubits of the wall – Rev. 7:1-4

15.  The city a clear and pure gold

16.  The twelve precious stones

17.   The temple – God himself

18.  The sacrifice – the Lamb

19.  The River of life – the Holy Spirit

20. The shekinah glory – the eternal sunlight

21. The saved nations walk in its light

22.                       Kings bring their glory to into it

23.  No abominations, lie, or defilement enters.

24. His people see his face.

25. His name is on their foreheads.

26. The tree of paradise lost is now restored.

27.  It is the eternal city of God.

28. The eternal dwelling of Saints

29. The reality of God

30. The woman (Rev. 12), the City (Rev. 21-22)

1.       The harlot as the city

2.      Earthly city, city of confusion

3.      Unclean and vile city

4.      City whose builder was Nimrod, the Rebel

5.      Foundations to be destroyed – Jer. 51:26

6.      Great Harlot with many Husbands

7.       Sorrow, mourning, famine and death to come.

8.      Habitations of devils, unclean spirits and birds

9.      The plain of shinar, out of the earth

10.  The glory of man (Isa. 13:19)

11.   False worship of every nation

12.  Evil messengers and rulers

13.  The gates of Babylon – Jer. 51:58

14.  The walls of Babylon – Jer. 51:58

15.  The city of evil -Rev. 18:12-16

16.   Precious stones, gold, silver, counterfeit

17.   The temple of Bel, of idols

18.  The sacrifices to Demons

19.  The river Euphrates – Rev. 16:12

20. No more light, Eternal Darkness

21.  Nations deceived and drunk by her Wine.

22. Kings of the Earth fornicated with her.

23. Mother of abominations of the earth

24. Worship the image- face of Antichrist.

25. Names of Blasphemy in foreheads

26.   Everlasting Fire and Eternal Loss – Matt. 25:41

27.  The City of Satan

28.   The earthly and Temporal Dwelling of Man

29. The counterfeit of Satan

30. The woman (Rev.17), the city (Rev. 18)

Mystical (MYSTERY) and Literal Babylon- Comparisons


Jeremiah and Isaiah


1.       Rev. 17:1,15

2.      Rev. 17:4

3.      Rev. 17:2

4.      Rev. 17:4

5.      Rev. 17:6

6.      Rev. 18:5-6

7.      Rev. 18:4

8.     Rev. 18:5

9.      Rev. 18:2,21

10.  Rev. 18:21

11.   Rev. 18:8-9

12.  Rev. 18:7

13.  Rev. 18:8

14.  Rev. 18:2,3

15.  Rev. 18:11

16.  Rev. 18:20

17.   Rev. 18:24

18.  Rev. 18:21

19.  Rev. 18:21

20. Rev. 18:23

Jer. 51:13

Jer. 51:7

Jer. 51:7

Jer. 51:13

Jer. 51:49

Jer. 51:49 – Rev. 18:24

Jer. 50:14, 15; 51:6,9; Isa. 48:20

Jer. 51:9

Jer. 50:26; 51:8

Jer. 51:58, 50:26

Jer. 51:58

Isa. 47:7-8

Isa. 47:9

Jer. 51:37; Isa. 13:21

Jer. 51:54-57, Isa. 47:15

Jer. 51:48

Jer. 51:49

Jer. 51:63

Jer. 51:64

Jer. 25:10

The Great Whore

The Cup

Drunken Babylon

Her Raiment

Killing the Saints


Come out – 2 Cor. 6:17-18


The Fall of Babylon



Sits as a Queen

Widowhood to come.

Evil and corrupt birds


Rejoice over her downfall.


The Millstone Judgment


1.       Babylon is to be overthrown as Sodom and Gomorrah, by fire and brimstone (Isa. 13:19; Jer. 50:4)

2.      Babylon is never to be inhabited (Isa. 13:20)

3.      The Arabs will never pitch their tents there (Isa. 13:20; Jer. 50:13; 51:29, 37, 43).

4.      Shepherds will never dwell there (Isa. 13:20). The Bedouin at present feed flocks in its vicinity.

5.      Blessing to be upon the Israel of God.

6.      Stones never to be used against. The village Hillah was built out of these stones in the past.

7.      Babylon will be destroyed in the Day of the Lord (Isa. 13:1, 6, 9, 13; 47:11; 21:9)

8.     Babylon ill perish when the sun and the moon are darkened (Isa. 13:10, 19)

9.      Babylon is to be destroyed under the seventh vial (Rev. 16:19; Jer. 50:20; 51:8; Isa. 13)

10.  Babylon to be destroyed under the seventh vial (Rev. 16:19).

11.   Babylon to be totally desolated, and sinners destroyed out of it (isa. 13:11)

12.  Babylon is to be punished when God punishes the world (Isa. 13:6-9)

13.  Babylon is to be destroyed when Christ comes at the Battle of Armageddon.

14.  Babylon will be like Sodom and Gomorrah when destroyed by fire and brimstone (Isa. 14:9-17; 66:22-24)

15.  Babylon is inhabited by creatures of the desert. Partially fulfilled over the centuries.

16.  There will be singing when Babylon falls.

17.   Babylon is to be destroyed in one hour (Isa. 13:19)

18.  Babylon to be a great commercial center, the center of world trade (Rev. 18)

19.  Babylon to be a great political center (Rev. 18:3-10)

20. Babylon to be a great religious world center (Rev. 17 with Rev. 18:2-10).

21.  Babylon will be filled with sorceries drugs, witchcrafts and demon worship and the occultic.

22. Babylon will be filled with the blood of the saints (Rev. 18:20,24)

23. Babylon to be destroyed by fire. It never has been.

24. Babylon to be destroyed by a great earthquake. This did not happen under Cyrus.

25. Babylon to be thrown down with the violence of a milestone.

26. Babylon is never ever more to be found after its destruction It has existed in a small measure over the centuries.

27.  Babylon to sink and be swallowed up into the earth (Jer. 51:62-64; Rev. 18:21)

28. Babylon is to be destroyed by God himself, not by man, as under the Medo-Persians (Rev. 18:20)

29. Babylon and its river Euphrates to be dried up (Rev. 9:14). No more trade by waters.

30. Babylon (Sheshach) is the last nation to drink the cup of God’s wrath (Jer. 25:17-26)

31.  The Lamb judges the king of Babylon.


The Prophecy of Zechariah

One of the most outstanding prophecies concerning the rebuilding of Babylon is that which is found in Zech. 5:5-11. Zechariah’s prophecies, in man ways, are like a miniature book of Revelation. Many of the visions of Zechariah find their final fulfillment in the Book of Revelation. There are a number of corresponding visions.

In this vision, Zechariah sees a woman called Wickedness sitting in the middle of the Ephah, the symbol of commerce. Two women then come forth, with the wind in their wings and they have the wings of the stork, an unclean bid. They are flying to the land of Shinar (Gen. 10:10; Josh 7:21; Isa. 11:11; Dan. 1:1-4). Shinar was the area of Babylon. They are going to “build it a house in the land of Shinar and set it upon her own base.” In the very city and place of the tower of Babel.

Prophecy was given not Zechariah AFTER the fall of Babylon, and AFTER the Babylonian Captivity has ended.


In Summary:

·         Babylon as a literal city will be and is being rebuilt.

·         Babylon may yet become the United Nations Headquarters in the days that lay ahead.

·         Babylon would become the political headquarters for Antichrist and his ten kings of the Antichristal Empire.

·         Babylon will come to its height of power and glory in the 3 ½ years of the Tribulation.

·         Babylon and Jerusalem will become connected as the Political and Religious cities during this time of tribulation and the wrath of God.

·         Babylon will be totally destroyed at Christ’s second coming according to all the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah and Revelation.

·         Babylon will sink like a millstone never to rise again as it has in past human history.


The Origin of Babylon – Book of Genesis

The origin of Babylon is to be found in the Book of Genesis, Chapters 10-11, from which we gain some seed thoughts. Genesis is the ‘seed book’ of the Bible.

·         Cain built a city, named it after his son, to propagate his name and character (Gen. 4:16-17). What kind of city would Cain’s son build, when his father was a liar, murderer and blood of the Lamb rejecter?

·         Dan built a city and called it after the name of the father (Josh. 19:47)

·         The men of Sodom were named after their city because of the sins of that evil city (Deut. 23:17; 1Kgs. 14:24; 15:11-15). That is, they were called Sodommites as those guilty of this sin are today. The men of Judah were called after Sodom also because of the city of Jerusalem (Isa. 1:1,10 with Rev. 11:8). This was the lifestyle of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

·         The overcomer has the name of the city of God stamped on him, even New Jerusalem (rev. 3:12). This is the name of the holy city of God, the bride-city (Rev. 21:9-10)

·         On the name of the Harlot is written, Mystery, Babylon the great. A harlot city becomes the name of a harlot church. (Rev. 17:5)


The Babylon of Revelation

There are several references to Babylon in Revelation and these need to be brought together as our study continues here.

·         Rev 9:14-15 speaks of four angels that are bound at the River Euphrates. This is announced under the sixth trumpet judgment.

·         Rev. 14:8 tells us of the dual fall of Babylon. Babylon is fallen, fallen, that city that made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication. This is by way of anticipation of coming judgments.

·         Rev. 16:12-16 The River Euphrates is mentioned again under the pouring out of the sixth vial of wrath. It was here that the three unclean frog-like spirits were released o deceive the nations and kings to the Battle of Armageddon.

·         Rev. 16:19 shows Babylon coming to God’s remembrance, ready to receive the cup of the win of the fierceness of the wrath of God.

·         Rev. 17 deals with he Great harlot, Babylon, and the judgment under God by the ten kings. This has been seen to be the ecclesiastical and spiritual Babylon, mother of world religions.

·         Rev. 18 now brings before our view the city of Babylon, a great commercial city that comes under the judgment of God Almighty.


The Destruction Of Babylon

1.      The Loud voice – a strong voice (Rev. 10:3; Psa. 103:20; Psa. 29). Voice of the Lord.

2.      Babylon is fallen, fallen – double utterance, a double fallen, speaking of Babylon’s spiritual and moral fall, as the city of confusion. Babylon having fallen spiritually and then literally (Re. 9:1; 14:8; 16:19). It is a greater fall than Adam had. It is equivalent to Satan’s fall. It is a religious and political fall. Babylon, like all the cities of the earth, has fallen into the depths of apostasy (Isa. 21:9; 13:21). It is impossible to recover Babylon from this fall.

3.      Dwelling place – Babylon has become the habitation of every wickedness, all uncleanness and a place of idolatry:

a.      Demon spirits – Jer. 50:38-39; Matt. 12:43; Lke. 8:31

b.      Foul spirits – a prison house of such vile spirits, a stronghold for the demonic (Rev. 9:1-21)

c.      Unclean birds – Refer to the Law that distinguishes the signs of clen and unclean birds as in Lev. 11 along with Isa. 34:14; 13:21-22; Jer. 5:27; Matt. 1:1-4, 19; Gen. 15:11. These unclean and hated birds were forbidden as food by the word of God to Israel. Think of the uncleanness of all forms of immorality, fornication, adultery, and all manner of sexual perversions and pornography in this evil city. These are the things that bring moral confusion.

d.     Dwelling place, habitation, stronghold, prison, and cage – These are the words the Holy Spirit uses to describe what Babylon is as to its Satanic cults and spiritualistic powers. Religious prisons which enslave men and women in spirit, soul, mind and body (Eph. 2:21-22; Rev. 21:27. The true Church is the habitation of God by the Spirit. God lives and dwells in His redeemed people, as he des in the new Jerusalem

The Virgin Church

The Harlot Church

1.       A great sign wonder

2.      Church is for signs and wonders

3.      In the heavenlies

4.      A woman – the virgin church

5.      The bride of Christ

6.      Clothed with the sun – Mal. 4:2

7.      Stands on the moon – Joel 2:31

8.     Crown of 12 stars – 1 Cor. 15:41; Gen 37:9-11

9.      Glory – Light of Father, son and Holy Spirit

10.  The Blood of Atonement

11.    Fine linen of Righteousness

12.  Perfected and glorious church

13.  The church married to Christ.

14.  The virgin church.

15.  Marriage of the lamb

16.  The great mystery – Eph. 5:23-33.

17.   Spotless, holy, without blemish, glorious

18.  The one husband, Christ

19.  The bridegroom

20. The king of Kings

21.  Married to Christ

22. The woman- Queen church, crowned.

23. A mother with child

24. Travail, pain to deliver.

25. Bride with His Name – Rev. 3:12; 14:1

26. Mystery of Godliness – 1Tim. 3:16

27.  City name – New Jerusalem – Rev 3:12

28. The free city, mother of all – Gal. 4:26

29. Drinks Lod’s cup – His blood, partakes of his flesh, his body – 1Cor. 10:16-21

30. Red Dragon stands before her – Rev. 12:1-4

31.  Seven heads crowned, Ten horns uncrowned

32. Third of stars fall, apostasy – Rev. 8:12; 1:20

33. Serpent stood before Eve – Gen. 3:1-6

34. O devour the child-rev 12:5

35. Manchild company born in a day – Isa. 66:7-9; 9:6

36. Nation born in a day – Rev, 14:1-5

37.  Rule, shepherded with rod of iron – Rev. 2:27; 19:15; 12:5

38. Woman to Wilderness, Place of God, where nourished of God – Eph. 5:29

39. Eagles wings – Ex. 19:4; Deut. 32:11-12

40. War in heaven, heaven cleansed – Job 15:15

41.  Blood of Atonement – Heb. 9:26

42. Great Satanic flood – Ex. 14:26

43. Remnant of seed slain – Rev. 11:1-2; 13:7

44. Woman taken, preserved for 3 ½ years

45. The Type and Symbol of the True Church

1.       The great whore

2.      Great wonder and admiration

3.      In the earthly realm

4.      A Woman – the harlot church

5.      The bride of Satan

6.      Clothed with purple, gold, scarlet

7.      Sits on waters, peoples, nations

8.     Decked with gold, pearls, gems

9.      Counterfeit High Priestess glory

10.  Rejects blood Atonement

11.   Self-righteous garments

12.  The Lady of the Kingdoms

13.  Unmarried women

14.  Members of harlot church

15.  The harlot church on the beast

16.  Mystery, Babylon the great

17.   Sits on scarlet and spotted beast

18.  Spiritual fornication with Kings

19.  The antichrist king

20. Satan, the God of this world system

21.  Union of Satan and false Church

22. The woman-false priestess over peoples

23. Mother of harlot daughters – Rev. 18:7

24. Pains to deliver daughter churches.

25. Blasphemous Names

26. Mystery of wickedness – 2 Thess. 2:7

27.  Woman is the city – Rev. 17:18

28. The city of bondage and slavery

29. Gold cupt in her – drunk with the blood of the saints, cup of filthiness, cup of devils

30. The Beast supports and carries her.

31.  Seven Heads crowned, Ten kings not yet

32. The Apostate Church – Fallen star – 2 Thess. 2

33. Beasts supports and woman controls beast

34. Devours and kills the Saints and Prophets

35. The daughters of mother church

36. Natons tamped with the mark of the beast.

37.  Rules over nations, peoples, tongues and kindreds of the earth

38. Woman in Wilderness, godless and deserted place, to be destroyed

39. Has the wings of a stork – Zech. 5:5-11

40. War against the woman by Ten Kings

41.  Drunk with blood of the Saints

42. Finally hated, killed and burnt by Ten Kings

43. All to be judged under God

44. Mother and daughters destroyed

45. The Type and Symbol of the Harlot Church


Seven Similarities of the Two Babylons:


1. Both commit fornication with kings and nations (Rev. 17:2; 18:3-14).

2. Both shed blood of saints (Rev. 17:6; 18:24).

3. Both have cups of sin (Rev. 17:4; 18:6).

4. Both are a city (Rev. 17:18; 18:10-21).

5. Both are made desolate (Rev. 17:16; 18:19).

6. Both are called Babylon the great (Rev. 17:5 with Rev 14:8; 16:19; 18:2).

 7. Both are clothed in scarlet and purple and decked with precious stones


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