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McFiles Faith Nugget - 06/14/2021 - America's Future In Bible Prophecy- Pt. 2

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Another scenario is that America, while surviving as physical nation, will be reduced in such status on the world scene she will have no influence. The last superpower the Bible mentions on the Earth AT THE TIME OF CHRIST'S RETURN is the Kingdom of the Beast, not America, Europe, or any other nation! The final battle over Israel and the Earth is between the forces of the Antichrist (And the armies of the world) and the Lord Jesus Christ coming in the clouds of great glory _ WITH THE SAINTS! (Rev. 19:11-19). America is no where to be mentioned. Common sense tells us that series of events yet future will remove us from that discussion. I pray if we are here as a nation we'd never fight against Israel but the Bible is completely 100% silent on this!! Food For Thought

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