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McFiles Faith Nugget - 06/16/2021 - America In Bible Prophecy- Pt. 3-

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

A third avenue of thought is that in the Book of Revelation, there is an earthquake that will take place when the two witnesses are raptured that literally removes the "islands of the sea" from across the earth and the earth will once again become one land mass. The earth was originally divided in the days of Peleg (Genesis 5) and has been in such a state sense. America is an ISLAND along with Canada, Mexico, Japan and other nations in the seas. These nations will literally be moved and destroyed when this takes place. It could be that's when such cataclysmic natural events occur our nation may no longer exist. That too is not 100% clear but in these nuggets this week something to think about. Again to state it strongly - AMERICA IS NOT IN BIBLE PROPHECY!! We are no where to be found. Any attempt to insert America into these prophecies is wrong and misleading folks. Jesus is coming and He's Coming SOON! Watch and Pray

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Michelle Raber
Michelle Raber
Jun 17, 2021


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