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Sunday Bible Study - Simon, Son of Jonas, Lovest Thou Me?

March 21, 2024

1.    Peter is always addressed as "Simon" except in Lk. 22:34.

2.    Do you really love Me more than the rest of the disciples, as you boasted (Mt. 26:33-35)?

3.    He had boasted of greater love than the rest and no one (Judas excepted) had treated Him so basely.

4.    Peter’s Faith did not fail during this test, his courage did

5.    [lovest] Jesus used the Greek verb agapao in the first two questions, which means ardently, supremely, perfectly, while Peter answered with the verb phileo to like, be fond of, feel friendship for another.

6.    The third time the Lord used phileo which deeply humbled Peter.

7.    [Feed] Greek: bosko to feed, tend a flock, provide pasture for, take care of, guide, lead, defend, govern, and shepherd My lambs.

8.     [lambs] Greek: arnion Only here and 27 times in Revelation, and always of Christ except Jn. 13:11. The other word for lamb is amnos  (Jn. 1:29,36; Acts 8:32; 1Pet. 1:19).

9.    This question Is Christ’s FOURTH personal address to Simon Peter In scripture

10.  It Portrays the spiritual growth of the great fisherman who loved Christ


I.                  The Four Graces Of Christ To Peter

1.    The First - The Grace of God Selected Simon to a ROCK at His Calling – John 1:42

2.    The Second – Grace revealed The Divine Sonship of Christ to Peter – NOT FLESH AND BLOOD – Matthew 16:17

3.    The Third- Grace Showed Peter His own weakness despite Peter’s boast that he loved Christ more than others – Luke 22:31

4.    The Fourth- Grace Taught Peter that LOVE was the foundation of the Apostolic Commission – Not Power!

II.              Peter’s Response

1.    Love is the first high main condition of faithful service

2.    Spiritual Growth never starts out of success but failure

3.    Peter here is assured of HIS CALLING and COMISSION!

A.  Feed My Lambs

B.  Feed My Sheep

C.  Feed My Sheep

4.    Three times Peter denied Christ, Christ Comissions him THREE TIMES – He doesn’t “RECALL” Him – He Confirms That CALL AGAIN

5.    Jesus was drawing him away from HIS BOASTFUL arrogance of comparing HIS LOVE of Christ to others

6.    Anything of this type “comparing” is hypocrisy and self-righteousness – The law of the Pharisees

7.    Jesus says That TRUE LOVE is NOT expressed by attempting to outdo others – LOVE SEEKS NOT ITS OWN

8.    Peter’s own strength failed him under the test; his weakness in John 21 produced LOVE

9.    Peter loved Christ but he would not BOAST anymore – He knew what had happened and He sees Christ’s mission as HIS

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