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Sunday Bible Study - That Your Faith Fail Not

Sunday Bible Study – Luke 22:32-34

March 2024

1.    Satan Has Desired To Have You – Same Request Satan had concerning Job

2.    Satan Tempts To Bring Out Bad; God Tests in Order To Bring Out The Good

3.    God At Times Will Use Satan as His Instrument In Addressing Character and Pride In us All

4.    These Attacks Are Designed For Us To Seek HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and HOLINESS not our own

5.    Every attack on the believer is an attack on FAITH.

6.    Faith may be get knocked down and even lose courage, but Christ is praying that our FAITH fail not!

7.    Satan wants us to divert FAITH to other things in times of testing and trial

8.    And When You Are Converted - a [converted, strengthen thy brethren] The 48th New Testament prophecy in Luke (Lk. 22:32). This does not mean that Peter had not been converted, for he had been and had served God for over three years.

9.    It simply refers to the fact that he was headed for a fall, and that he would come back to God and be reconverted becoming stronger than before.

10.                       Strengthen The Brethren – Lambs/Sheeps


And he (Peter) said unto Him, Lord, I am ready to go with You, both into prison, and to death (most probably Peter’s true feelings, but his confidence was in self, and self cannot perform the task).34 And He said, I tell you, Peter (Jesus seldom addressed Peter by this name; it means, “a rock”; so by Him referring to Peter in this fashion, in essence, told him that, despite the terrible denial which was coming, Peter would survive the onslaught), the cock shall not crow this day, before that you shall thrice deny that you know Me (pinpoints the time, and exactly the number of times this would happen).

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