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Wednesday Bible Study - Notes - Lesson 48 - P8 - Doctrines Babylon, The Eucharist


Revelation 2:24 24 But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.

I. Mass As A Ritual

  1. According to Catholic theology it is a mortal (spiritually fatal) sin to miss Mass (without good and sufficient reason) on the Sabbath or on holy days of obligation.

  2. A mortal sin immediately consigns a person to Hell, whatever his other spiritual condition, until it is removed by participating in the Rite of Reconciliation

  3. This was formerly referred to as confession, penance, absolution, and Communion.

  4. The Roman Catholic church teaches that the Holy Mass is an expiatory (sin - removing) sacrifice, in which the Son of God actually is sacrificed anew on the cross

  5. He literally descends into the priest's hands during the act of transubstantiation, wherein the elements of the host (the wafer) literally are transformed into the bod, blood, soul, and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. This was defined as such by the Council of Trent, although minor alterations were made in wording during the Second Vatican council.

  7. Further, this repeated sacrifice of Christ can be specifically applied to benefit deceased souls if this is the expressed wish of living persons who donate specified sums to help defray the costs of such Masses.

  8. The Catholic church further teaches that the laity may receive full benefit of participation in the Mass by taking only the bread, while the priest alone receives both the bread and the cup.

The seven churches were chosen by the Holy Spirit! And portray the entirety of the church age.

  1. Ephesus

  2. Smyrna

  3. Pergamos

  4. Thyatira

  5. Sardis

  6. Philadelphia

  7. Laodicea

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